Thursday, 3 May 2012

the kitchen

It all started with a visit to a furniture fair with my sister and her husband.  I wanted to look for a new computer desk.  Little did I know that I was going to embark on a stupid course of "hey lets do the kitchen too"  without considering all the consequences.
the current kitchen!
I got all excited about the prospect of actually making some changes to the house and having a new "home office" area for my files, bills, computer, printer and all the odds and ends that end up on the desk and after a week or so usually end up in the bin anyway sort of junk.  I got  3 designers to come look at my place to give me a quote on the desk and at the same time I thought lets do the kitchen!  I got 2 quotes, the 3rd designer seems to have disappeared completely, but so far none of their ideas are interesting enough for me to actually want to do the desk.  Then I was told about the destruction or dismantling of the old kitchen cabinets, the extent of time I would be without a kitchen and it was then only that I realised that I had to take every damn thing out of the cabinets before they actually started work!  What the hell was I thinking!  I didn't have the time to do this!
But the more I thought about new cabinets the more I wanted them.  I really hate my kitchen cabinets, I didn't have the money or time when we first moved in 15 years ago to do any renovations. So I am going to do this, slowly, but the change will happen.
I am negotiating now with the 2 designers, on price and on what I want.  I did want a breakfast bar but the lack of space and originality by the designers is making me think that the breakfast bar will remain in my head only.  Speaking of lack of originality the designers also lack practicality,  none of them have thought about where to put my microwave and ironing board.
The internet has been a very useful tool to go seek out answers to questions in my head about material, price and what to expect from a contractor.  The (non) boyfriend has been extremely useful here too (yes I am still with him and we are attempting to evaluate things).
 So the plan is to get furniture from stores, or those teak stores in Dempsey,  for the computer desk and files and to just do the kitchen cabinets.
It will be hard work to sort the cupboards and throw away all the bits of cutlery, pots and pans, dishes that I haven't used or don't want but I guess its a project that will keep me occupied and out of trouble. 

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