Monday, 14 May 2012

how could I not write about the gusher

So I came home from work a few weeks ago to find the kitchen a little wet and I asked son no 2 ( who was as usual lying on the sofa channel surfing) about the the wet patch in the kitchen.

Son - its the sink near the bathroom, there's a leak
me - why didn't you call me to tell me there was a leak
son - huh! I thought you knew
me - really??! ( imagine that said laced heavily with sarcasm) and would I have gone to work without fixing the damn leak!
son - how should I know!

as this brilliant conversation went on, the leak got bigger and bigger until this happened
the gusher

Oh and did I mention he tried to "fix" it with scotch tape!

As I live in highrise in Singapore and we all know Singaporeans cant be
trusted to have access to their own water and valves to shut off their
water in times like this....... I couldn't shut off the mains
I ended up calling a 24 hour plumber to come down to change a small
little flexible pipe and I know I could have done it myself but
because we couldn't turn off the mains, we had to get the plumber

3 hours later and $150 poorer, the gusher was contained.

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