Wednesday, 23 May 2012

come away with me

I am lucky in that in my line of work I get to schmooze and network with all the major brands of hotels.  We  get invited to cocktails and dinners where they wine and dine us and have lucky draws for  free stays in their luxury brand hotels.  I have got a few of these but I never really used them as they were mostly for romantic getaways to some beach resort in the region.  I only ever used one for a 5 star hotel in Bangkok and that time I took Mum with me.
I used to tell him lets go and he would say ok, but I suspect that was only to shut me up.  He never went away with me, he didnt want to.
So now I have a 2 night stay for 2 at a 5 star luxury resort in Chiang Mai, what do I do with that I wonder.  A romantic get away by myself perhaps or give it away to someone who has a partner?
What do I do with my voucher for lunch for 2 at one of Singapore's top hotels, take the son?
Yes am feeling sorry for myself.  Yes I am mad that he never went away with me and made me believe that he actually considered it.  Yes am mad with myself for being so blind
Next time I will make sure I find a man who will say to me "come away with me"

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