Monday, 28 May 2012

could i live without alcohol

I have wondered about not drinking, about giving up alcohol. 

I have found that when I do (over) indulge,  my asthma seems to get worse.  Being hung over and having trouble breathing..... not a very pleasant experience.  I googled that today, does alcohol affect asthma and it does, because of acid reflux and some acid that gets into the breathing tubes which in turn causes swelling and the production of mucus.  or it could be a sensitivity to Sulfites that are in beer and wine.
I could experiment with different types of alcohol and see if it is only wine that is doing this to me ( I have been drinking more wine lately) or I could just stop drinking.......which brings me back to the question of could I live without alcohol.

I never liked to drink as my ex husband drank alot and he was always violent once he got drunk.  I never enjoyed drinking with him as the night could (and usually did) end up with a fight.  I  drank more after my divorce as I found it helped to knock me out at night and I could actually fall asleep without thinking that me and the kids were fucked as we didn't have a single cent.  I realised quickly that alcohol was not the answer and that I needed to be clear headed to get to work and feed the kids.  I still used to drink on the weekends which was like binge drinking.  After a long week, you crave that one day to let it all hang loose.
Recovery got harder so I stopped the weekly drinking, as the flat was not going to clean itself and me recovering from a hangover was no good to anyone.

So what do I do..... I like drinking sometimes, like yesterday,  the girls and I had a great time in the park with champagne, but today at work I feel like I have been hit by a train and dragged 10 miles.  and I cant breathe, the inhaler is working overtime today.
I should restrict myself to two drinks and not drink wine

So lets see if I can do that, move back to my Gin or Whiskey and  stick to two drinks........

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