Wednesday, 15 May 2019

writing to keep sane

I know I have been rather quiet and not writing.  Its been a strange time for me and I guess I am not prepared to talk about whats happening in my head at the moment.

That however does not mean there aren’t a million things racing through my brain

And one thing that has been pissing me off lately is titles/salutations/labels

Mr vs Miss, Ms Mrs Madam

Why do men have 1 label and women have so many.

In Singapore women do not need to change their names once they are married, we do not need to add the Mrs,  but what people do is change the salutation from Miss to madam… On all official documents we are addressed as MDM.

The men remain as Mr, whether married, divorced, widowded, single, just Mr.  They have it for their whole life.  While women are made to reflect on their status throughout their whole lives.  We cease being Miss when we marry.  We become Mrs so and so or Madam so and so.  When we divorce, in Singapore because we don’t change our names to reflect our married names, we just retain the madam so and so.  I like the MS, or mizz or whatever..

My daughter in law in Canada has a double barrel name now with her surname and my sons.  Which I like.  I am glad she kept her surname, it keeps her identity as hers and hers alone.  My sons and I do not share a surname as I never took on their fathers name, and I feel disconnected from them in a way.  I wish they had a double barrelled name too but then my daughter in laws would have a triple barrelled name.......

Now do you understand why I write this blog. My mind works at fever pitch all about nothing important and getting these nonsensical thoughts out, is a blessing.

Monday, 25 February 2019

flickr limits

so flickr has said I cant load any more pictures as I have hit my 1000 picture limit.... as they have now changed from being free to a subscribed paid thingy.  so I now will post some of my pictures here.... till i get told again "ITS NO LONGER FREE"!
i dont know which river or estuary this is...

walking close to my sisters new home up in Sankey
Chester Cathedral

Thursday, 17 January 2019

plastic ..evil necessity

So the fight goes on

but I wonder if its going too far...

an article in the Guardian caught my eye about Marks & Spencer in the UK, they are now going to sell fruit and veg loose, so you can pick and choose your own and put it in a paper bag...

While the idea of loose fruit and veg is good...didnt we stop using paper because there was just too many trees being sacrificed?

will this initiative just come back and bite us in the ass because we are now using too MUCH paper and wooden things to counter all the plastic use?

There has to be a happy medium somewhere out there.

I like the idea of loose fruit and veg, I dont like the idea of plastic bags (in Singapore there are rolls of single use plastic bags available everywhere in supermarkets) and paper bags that people will start using to put the loose produce in.  

The idea to shun everything plastic and start on wood and paper is frightening... its not practical. what has to change is the throw away mentality, the single use mentality.  What we should be aiming for is to stop take away plastic containers, stop cling film, stop packaging everything in plastic.

Singapore is not doing its part to recycle or raise awareness in the use, disposal and recycling of plastic.  We are very far away from thaking the step from plastic to brown bags.  Its shameful how we use so much single use plastic - this article in our national paper in July last year brought home the reality.  it was mind boggling how much we used and threw away. Heres a snippet from the article - 

"people in Singapore take 820 million plastic bags yearly from supermarkets.Only 2 per cent of these supermarket plastic bags were recycled by consumers. Two-thirds were used for the disposal of waste.The six-month SEC study, undertaken with the help of global consultancy Deloitte, also found that Singapore used 467 million polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles a year and 473 million plastic disposable items like takeaway containers.

Less than 20 per cent of these items are recycled. The study did not include plastic bags given out by places other than supermarkets." Read the whole article - link below

So where is the happy medium? How we do we achieve a balance?

How do we refrain from using plastic but not swing so far the other way that the trees are obliterated from the face of the earth..

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

holiday time

I thought long and hard about going on holiday

I need a new phone ( am still using an Iphone 5) i think i need new glasses and both those things are not cheap.
I have had to count pennies this year with a new job where I work only 3 days and yes less days does equal less money.

But I needed a holiday, so the new phone will have to wait and so will the damn glasses.. as I am off to visit my sister in the UK.
She recently moved out of London, to Warringotn which is in between Manchester and Liverpool.

So i have 2 weeks in February ( and I get to spend her birthday with her too) up in Cheshire to explore castles and parks and walks.. I am now counting down to the holiday.... 19 sleeps to go.....

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

i need a holiday

I should have been seeing my chiropractor every 10 days or so but I completely stopped looking out  for me and got too involved in trying to do things that were not important.

I was busy for no reason.
I let myself get to the point where I had to lie in bed and was not able to clean the home. it bugs me that i cant clean, it bugs me that I am not in control of my body.
My body kicked up a fuss and said "damn you woman.. just stop!"

I am sore, in pain and finally went to see my chiropractor again.  She was not happy, it seems I have become worse than when I first saw her.
I am tense, muscles all knotted and its not just in my lower back.  I need a holiday.

a break from family, work and home life.
a break to just relax.

hmm where can i go.....

Saturday, 29 December 2018

the fight against plastic bags..

I try to do my bit but its quite alarming how much plastic we use without being aware of it.

The sponge at your sink, the toothpaste tube, the shampoo bottles, cling film... the list is endless.  Forget straws, there are a million other things that have made us slaves to plastic..

Our popular supermarket here, NTUC, used to take 0.10 cents off your bill if you brought your own bag, which i have been doing for quite awhile.. they stopped that a few months ago telling consumers that they were going to come up with a plan on reducing the use of plastic.... nothing so far.

I still take my own bags, I still don't use the small bags for vegetables, but just stick the price tags on the veg itself, but every other fruit and veg is in a plastic single use box.. I recycle, of course i do but we all know that the recycling is shipped off to another country where they do NOT recycle most of the plastic.  Most of it cant be recycled anyway...
everything in plastic...
So the fight shouldn't be just about plastic bags or straws alone, the fight should be about eliminating the plastic packaging too.  there has to be a start, there has to be a universal effort in controlling the amount of plastic we produce and use use and perhaps creating plastic that can be recycled safely.  Its also about us the consumers - we should stop throwing away things, stop buying cheap one time use plastic.

It seems like an insurmountable task, its about everyone getting involved...  

In our office we have takeaway Tupperware,  to help eliminate the single use plastic takeaway boxes.  We grab those before we head off to get our lunch from the various hawker stalls....our enthusiasm for the project has waned but I aim to revive it for 2019...

 My personal  commitment will be to shop at smaller local markets where there is less packaging but I cant help wondering if one person can make a difference.... 
I still believe our government has to do more.  We should be made to pay for plastic bags in supermarkets, 20 cents per bag.  We should not be getting plastic bags when we order groceries online (even if they are biodegradable) and we should fine supermarkets when they package items like the picture above.  
Small steps.... and then maybe consumers and businesses will be a bit more mindful before they make use of single use plastics.

It takes a nation to make a difference...

Thursday, 1 November 2018

who am I

So I recently got 3 books to read, not fiction, but 2 are like psycho analytical books on figuring things out about oneself.

There is a lot going on in my mind and I need to learn to move on and discover how my past is inhibiting my present.
I wouldn’t call it a self help book, its more of a what the fuck did I do to become like this, or as some would like to call them  “self awareness books”

The book explores how our childhood defines who we are as adults.  Its heavy going but there have been a few ah ha moments already…
Its helping me see things about addiction and depression.   I am a sugar addict.  If there is a chocolate in the fridge, it has to be eaten.. no such thing as leaving it for tomorrow nonsense. Its not a joke anymore, especially when I can go through a whole bar of chocolate in one sitting.

All of my siblings have an addiction, alcohol or some other substance.  My father was an alcoholic.  Its only my mother that doesn’t have an addiction, so I wanted to explore if addiction was nature or nurture.
Seems there is only so much we can blame our genes for and everything on how we were brought up.

Depression has been in the news quite a bit lately and I know I suffer some depression.   It has made me think that its only the menopause but I know deep down that I have always had this darker side where I withdraw from everyone, hence the fact that I cant have a relationship...

So lets see if the book will give me some insight and clues on why I am the way I am..