Thursday, 3 May 2012

the epiphany

Its taken alot for me to admit that I am more screwed up than I originally thought.  I used to think that I was smarter than all the other women and that I knew what made men tick.  Over confidence has led to arrogance and total lack of understanding of how men really think.
I get on my high horse and like all women feel that I am the victim and he is the terrible person who doesn't want the relationship.  I never stopped to ask myself "what made him so reluctant"  I had an epiphany of sorts,  I actually listened to what he was saying and I realised that I was to blame for alot of how and what  he was feeling.  What a revelation!
Will I learn from this, I sure hope so, Will I understand men now, probably not  but I am going to consciously try to understand it from his point of view.  So what does this mean in regards to the attempt of a relationship? well we are stepping back to evaluate.

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