Monday, 14 May 2012

what I would like for my birthday

If I decide to have a party to celebrate 50 years on this planet, is it ok to tell people what presents I want.
like a wedding registry .....
It would save everyone the headache of thinking about what to get me.  And we all know we buy presents based on what we want to get and not what the person actually wants
so here is my list of what I want for my birthday

1.  A Kindle
2.  A six month subscription to a dating website for old men who are millionaires ( I figure in six months I       should be able to find a millionaire old man husband)
3.  Cash - to help with my I must visit Paris trip this year
4.  Entrance fees to the Casino in Singapore - I figure if I cant marry a millionaire, I might as well try to become one!
5.  Pay a taxidermist to stuff my cat after she dies (this would have to be a voucher of sorts, no dates as Tubby may be old but she is still sprightly!)
6.  One of those old lady trolleys - you know the ones, that little old ladies take with them when they go get groceries.

I will be updating this post as I will come up with a lot more ideas, I have till September so be warned....

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