Thursday, 3 May 2012


Another year and another high end event to do.  This one I got involved in the team that came up with the idea and selling it to the client, which was why I ended up going to Barcelona twice in 2009.
La Boqueria
In August we went to do our usual pre event site inspections to choose restaurants, things to do and things to see.  In November we went back to do the actual event. 
a tapas bar
The Food, the people, the place, it was interesting, surreal and better than what I expected from a city.  I am interested in history, anything to do with history  (I did have grand plans to be a history teacher once)  so for me Barcelona (or any old city) would have held my attention.  But Barcelona had the added charm of Gaudi, Tapas and Jamon.  As a culinary virgin I know little of fancy feasts and Michelin restaurants but here in this city I had feasts that made my mouth sing and met chefs that made me giggle like a school girl and stare in amazement at their skills.

the hotel, they filmed Vicki, Christina barcelona here
I loved the old quarter and I wished that I had taken better pictures because the balconies, the cobbled stones, the gothic  church, everything was just breathtaking

the church

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