Thursday, 24 May 2012

whats the etiquette on lingerie

Here's my delimma
 I bought lingerie to wear for him, I loved him but it didn't work so now what do I do with the lingerie.

I like my lingerie but for the life of me don't know if I am allowed to wear it for another man.  Do you talk about the history of the lingerie with another lover?
Do you wear it for another lover?
I don't want to throw it away, it cost me money (yes am tight!) and I think I look nice in my lingerie.
The lack of experience at my age is laughable but true, the only upside of this is that I am still learning and am experiencing new things daily, even if it is about lingerie and relationships.
Will it sully the relationship I had with him, I dont think so but I dont know how men feel.  Do they even think about these things?  Would they look at my lingerie and wonder how many men I have worn it for?  Would he wonder if I was wearing it for other men.  I think women think too much!

All I know is that I have all this lovely lingerie and I dont intend to chuck it away at the bottom of my cupboard to be pulled out only when I have had too much wine and then I will cry  because I have had too much wine and lingerie thats sitting in the bottom of my cupboard being useless while I think of the bloody past.

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