Wednesday, 23 May 2012

different shades of brown

I tan (quite) easily and although not a sun worshipper do like to see myself with a bit of brown.
I recently spent three days in the sun , helping out at one of the events.  I don't usually go onsite for an event but this time they needed a qualified person who understood the safety rules (attending a weeks worth of classes on risk assessment and safety, somehow made me qualified)  anyway
It was an outdoors event and although there were tents and shade, its been rather hot here lately, so i actually have got a tan.
 He used to say I wasn't brown at all and that he was darker than me, which was true actually, even if I hated to admit it, and for a white man to say I was white, well you can imagine how fair of an Indian I am!!  so I am now a darker shade of pale.
However, getting a tan with your clothes on doesn't give you an even colour all over.  My hands and arms are the darkest while the rest of the body seem to be a gradient of different shades.   I am now 5 different shades of brown!

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