Friday, 25 May 2012

you know you are getting old when

1.  sitting on the bus going to work in the morning you are actually wondering if you put on deodorant.

2.  all those hunky football players you loved watching are now white haired football managers.

3.  walking down stairs and you hear a creak and you are horrified to realise its your knees. 

4.   Reading something takes a bit longer as you need to adjust the angle of your head to let those damn bifocals get into focus

5.  you have to get a brazillian because you dont want to see your white pubes

6.  you cant wear that short skirt anymore as your knees look wobbly

7. You agree wholeheartedly when someone says that 50 is the new 40

8.  Justin Bieber annoys you, oh wait that one really isnt a getting old thing, he annoys most people

9.  You keep checking your boobs in the mirror to see how low they are today

10. You keep googling  menopause and are terrified to think that one day your vagina will dry up

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