Thursday, 3 May 2012

an adventure in new zealand

This is where I decided that living in a small town would suit me.  This is where I knew that I could be happy operating my own B&B when I retired.  In October 2008 I went to Queenstown, New Zealand.  I had never been to NZ even though my dads brother lived in Auckland, and  I did date a man from NZ too (who is a good friend now and the fact that I dated a man from NZ should have no bearing whatsoever to the fact that I went to NZ!!)
 Anyway, we had an event to do there (we being the colleagues in an event company that I worked in) and as I was on the pre event team I was allowed to go there to help out.  I dont like doing events, strange but true and I am still in event management but just not doing the events ..... thank god for that!   Events are stressful, thankless and tiring, but as it was Queenstown, I jumped at the chance to go.  Even if it meant long hours and sharing a room with the girl that snored.  This was also the event that we got Dame Kiri Te Kanawa to sing during the Gala dinner, in a quaint winery.  It was magical!  After the event we had a day to close accounts and do a bit of sightseeing.  Then I had a week off and headed to Auckland to stay with my uncle and his family.  Funny thing about family, you dont  see them for years, but when you do, it feels like you are home.  My Uncle and Aunt drove me around and down to Rotorua (where they now run a motel) and let me play tourist.  I will go back to New Zealand if I ever get the chance, it is one of those magical places (Peter Jackson was a smart man to film there!) where the landscape, the people, the air, everything is just one beautiful place.

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