Friday, 27 April 2012

my favourite word

I tend to swear a little, well OK maybe more than a little.  I pepper my conversations with my favourite swear word which is the word fuck. I used it to describe my daily life quite emphatically.  I live in my own little adult world and usually forget that I should watch my language when there are children around.  A couple of weekends ago I described something and used my favourite word in front of my 10 year old niece.  The surprised expression on her face took a bit of time to register with me and when the light bulb moment came, it was quite a shock  to realise that I had used a very bad word in front of a child!
My younger sister swears alot as well but her use of swear words has become an art form in the use of colourful descriptive language.
As my sons are adults now, I do also use my favourite word when I am around them, I figure that they know I use the word so why bother trying to hide the fact.  Son no 1 uses it in his conversations with me but son no 2 is still a little wary of using it in our conversations.
I have tried to be ladylike and not use the word so much and if I consciously try, I do manage to keep a civil tongue.  Get me annoyed and unfortunately the word seems to have a life of its own. 
There are a few swear words I don't like or use, like the C word.  I really don't like that word.  In one of Jeremy Clarkson's books he mentioned something about his wife inventing a hybrid of sorts with the C word and the word bastard.  Custard is a nice word as no one will know you are swearing at them.  But then that's the whole point of swearing I think, to make sure the other person knows you are displeased and that's why those nasty words come out!
My Dad used to swear alot and of course as kids we were forbidden to swear and were told off if we used the word "damn" even!   Dad would happily swear if he was on the phone or in any conversations with his friends, and if were were in earshot, he would turn to us and say " Don't use that word its bad!"  Oh the thrill of using the words and knowing we were doing something wrong.

maybe I can add to my bucket list - learn how to say Fuck in 10 different languages............

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