Wednesday, 4 April 2012

realigning the stars

I am into the astrology crap about stars and planets and when you are born and how things affect you.  I know more women believe all this hocus pocus and men think its all nonsense.
somehow these last few months, my stars have indicated that it is going to be a tough time for me, with relationships, with family, with general things.
After having gone through the last couple of months, I believe it more!
First it was the tailor, with my salwar kameez (Punjabi suits)  which didn't fit properly and still don't!
then it was the plumber and handy man, and he still hasn't got my shower right.
then it was my brother in hospital
then it was the attempt of a relationship, which is, I don't know where right now.
There is a line in one of the songs by the late Amy Winehouse, " and laughed at by the Gods"
Right now I feel that they are up there, snickering away at me!
The bright side is that this isn't going to last, the stars say its going to get better by the middle of April........does that mean I will have to go through another couple of weeks of frustrations and holdups and not have everything go smoothly.  Will I be able to take anymore I wonder.
All I know is that I would like to stretch my arms, grab those fucking stars and realign them,  NOW!

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