Friday, 6 April 2012

so where did it all go wrong

Maybe it just wasn't right in the first place.  I tried my best with the attempt of a relationship.  It started off as occasionally seeing each other, it was enough in the beginning.  I hoped in vain I guess that he would want more and not expect me to do all the compromising. I even tried to tell myself that yes I could keep it as just see him occasionally and not have a more 'normal' type of a relationship, because I wanted him that much.
But compromise works both ways, it was no use me compromising on all that I wanted and he not budging.
I guess he just didn't want it or me enough to make any compromises.  Hard lesson to learn but learn I will from this.
Back to the drawing board I guess, or should I say its time to dive headlong  into the murky depths of dating again..... 
Where or how I will meet men, I don't know, I don't know where to begin again. There has got to be a better way to meet eligible, decent, well adjusted men....  no no I will not let bitterness creep in and wonder if  a decent well adjusted male is an urban myth....
Deep down I will wonder what he is doing and if I could ever be friends again with him because we once were, and wonder if he will think of me and regret that he did let me go.

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