Wednesday, 25 April 2012

bucket list

After the movie came out everyone started making lists about what they wanted to do before they kicked it.  I too made a list but I was asked what if I didnt achieve any of the things I put on the list,  would I be utterly devastated that I didnt achieve those things.  I had to think really hard about that, as none of the things on my list would have made me miserable and devastated if I didnt achieve it.  So I have been thinking, yes I do think sometimes and not just jump in head first and damn the consequences.  But back to the thinking......
What would be on my bucket list that would make a difference to my life.  I have put down a few things I want to achieve before I go and I am sure I will update this as I get older and wiser (am still waiting to get wiser!)

1.  Learn how to drive - this is one thing I know will change my life, to feel free, to be able to get into a car and just drive to where I want to go without planning the bus/train routes.

2.  To love unconditionally and be loved back - this is not a tangible object to covet  but its important to me to have a partner in life.  funny addition to a bucket list as its supposed to be things I want to do before I die but as I get older I realise that being single isnt all it is cut out to be. 

3.  To climb mount kinabalu or something similar.  I am asthmatic and the higher I go the harder it is for me to breathe so this would be like a test. 

For now those are the three things I have on my list.  The list could get longer, it could get shorter, who knows.

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