Monday, 9 April 2012

my shower

Its finally fixed, and I had to do it myself eventually.  The main man, the head honcho of the handyman services came down on Friday afternoon and stood in my bathroom staring at the water dripping off the shower and declared it "ok what".  He gave me the full spiel of how water pressure and living in high rise affect the outflow and how manufacturers add water saving devices on the shower heads and the fact that I was living on the top floor, the excuses were endless.  I let him go on, then told him to turn around and turn on the tap at the sink, as the water gushed out in full force I told him that I had no problem with water pressure or the fact that I lived on the top floor of the building!  So head honcho man said he didnt know what to do.  I ended up going to a small hardware store and buying a cheap shower head and replaced the one his plumber had put there.
It cost me $8.50 and after endless delays and nonsense by men that had the audacity to think I was just another dumb female, I have my shower back to being glorious!

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