Friday, 27 April 2012

blind date

I went on a blind date last night.  Its a bit scary, not knowing who he is or what he looks like.  All I knew was that he was older than me, American and had lived in Singapore for the last 7 years.
I got to the restaurant early, ordered my wine and waited.

Now the annoying thing about mobile phones is the fact that those darn phones all have cameras.  There was a couple sitting close by, busy taking pictures of each other, the food and the woman was also taking pictures of herself, with flash, in a dimly lit restaurant.  not once, not twice, but quite a few times.  It was annoying.  Anyway I digress, back to waiting for my blind date.
it was past 7.30 and he still hadn't arrived and I did panic a little as I have never been stood up before!  I checked my friends text on the date and restaurant that he chosen and thought, well I got all that right so where was he!  He finally arrived 10 minutes late. 
If any men read this do take note on what not to do on a first dinner date.
1.  Don't be late for a first date
2.  Don't assume we want you to order for us.  Ask us if we mind!
3.  Don't assume we don't want another drink, if you order yourself a drink, ask us if we would like our drinks refreshed!
4.  Don't tell us what we should or should not eat, ask if we have preferences or dietary restrictions.... don't assume!
5.  If you haven't had fun, or if you don't like us, too bad, we want dessert, be polite and ask if we would like dessert!  Seriously, if we didn't have fun, we wouldn't order dessert but at least give us an option!

Back to the date
He was pleasant enough looking, he didn't look his age (60 if I was informed correctly) which to me was funny as he told me twice that I looked very young and it wasn't a compliment the way he said it. 
I obviously didn't impress him much as he seemed to be in a hurry to end the date, hence the no dessert! Perhaps I didn't treat him as a potential.  Perhaps I subconsciously didn't  treat our dinner as a date.
Maybe its too soon to try dating again.......

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