Thursday, 19 April 2012


We always had pets, growing up, mostly dogs.  My younger sister and I found a cat once, we must have been about 6 and 3, and we adopted it and gave it a very strange name which honestly I have no idea how to spell so wont be able to reveal the name here.  We loved that little black cat, but one day we were told that she had run away.  Yeah right, seems my baby brother was allergic and Mum had given her away.  We were heart broken but as kids are reslilient we bounced back pretty quickly.
After that there were the usual dogs but never any more cats, until we got married and moved away.  My sister went to the UK and married and settled there, and she got her cats.  I didn't as the ex was more a dog person, so we had dogs.  Once I was on my own with the boys, we got cats.  well actually the cats found us.
Pushka followed us home and Tubby we adopted from the vet.  They came to us when they were little kittens and when we needed a focus.  Something to focus on instead of the pain of divorce (it was a very painful divorce) and all the mess we were in.  Pushka died last year from a form of cancer, we did try to save him with surgery but the cancer came back very aggressively and we couldn't help him anymore.
Tubby is still around, annoying the shit out of me as she wants to be fed everyday at 4am.  She will meow in front of my door till I get up and feed her, and two hours later she will meow again for food!  Its reached a point where I am suffering from sleep deprivation as she keeps me awake with her incessant meowing.
I know she will pass on soon, it is getting harder for her to climb up onto the sofa, just this morning her old legs gave way as she tried to pull herself up onto the sofa, and she was hanging precariously by her claws until I picked her up.  In human years she is 79 years old, a grand old lady.  Well a senile grand old lady if it is possible for cats to be senile!
One wonders who the master is at times, are pets masters as we seem to be running around after them rather than the other way round. 
Will we get any more pets after she is gone, I am not so sure.  It takes patience, commitment and time to love and care for your pets and I seem to be getting a little selfish these days.

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