Thursday, 19 April 2012

picture frames

I like taking pictures, framing the shots in my mind , hoping to capture every fascinating thing  I see and find interesting.  I dont have a fancy DSLR camera, just a normal digital one but it does the job.   I take pictures of  anything that catches my eye like this alley in Melbourne.
Sagrada familia
an alley in Melbourne

I found Barcelona fascinating, I loved the old quarter and the cobbled narrow streets with balconies everywhere.  We did an event there I was was fortunate enough to be on the team that sold the concept and idea to our clients which gave me the opportunity to go there as well.  The food, the people,

although a beggar did throw stones at me when I didn't give him anything, but apart from that the whole experience in Barcelona was fabulous.

view from hotel queenstown

I was lucky that I had a job that let me go to these wonderful places.  I traveled to Houston once with a small group of men, for a tour of a plant in September 2008.  That was interesting, not because we did a day trip to Mission control but perhaps because of the hurricane that hit Galveston and Houston.  We made it out by the skin of our teeth.  Mauritius in 2005, then there was Queenstown and Rotorua.  Hawaii was beautiful and I hope to go there again as son no 1 is still there.  Hawaii was not for work though, it was to see son no 1 graduate!

Angkor Wat
Hanoi, Siem Reap Ho Chi Minh, Phuket, Bangkok, Bali, Chiang Mai, Shanghai, Port Douglas, Manila, India, all places I have been to because of my job.  I am lucky and only when we sit and reflect do we actually realise that yes I was indeed lucky.  Only down side of traveling for work is that I got used to 5 star hotels and service and when I go on holiday I cant afford the premier service we got when doing events.

Its in our blood I guess, traveling.  Since we were little we used to fly to India for holidays and London and Sydney.  With Dad being a pilot we got free tickets each year and we used them, to go to places and see things.  India was popular because Dad  wanted us to go see where we came from.  We loved it, the cold winters, no heating, running around the wheat fields, chewing and sucking on sugar cane straight from the fields, taking a dump in a cemetery, honest,  we didn't know it at that time it was a cemetery, with  no flush toilets in the village we thought we were very lucky to find this secluded spot to take a dump!

To top it off we traveled first class as Dad was in management with the airline.  We were treated special, we behaved ourselves and were never naughty or noisy up in first class.  We ate caviar and as we got older, were even allowed a sip of vodka from Mum.
I am planning my end of year trip now, the trip to mark my half century on this planet, Paris, Rome, Florence and perhaps Naples and Pompeii  and my camera will be working overtime.  I will be taking notes too about the cities and what I will find there.

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