Friday, 13 April 2012

when did i lose my dignity

I have been behaving like a spoilt child and that is not me, I am not the bratty, indulgent, pouting, always have to have my way kind of woman.  I pride myself on always keeping my dignity and maturity intact in all situations.  This last week has been different. I have been crabby, mean, hateful and all because he didn't want a relationship.  I know most women will say, its OK to sulk and pout and hurt him as I am hurting.   But that is not who I am.  So I will  salvage what is left of my dignity and try my best to move on with as little fuss. 
As I am constantly reminded by good friends, I am a beautiful, sexy smart woman and any man would be lucky to call me I only have to go find that man!

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