Monday, 31 December 2012

what happened in 2012

Reflecting on the year is always hard as I tend to concentrate on the bad things that happened to me.  lets not think about the world here, there were alot of disturbing and horrifying things happening out there and I could never do justice to what has happened in all the countries with death either by natural disasters, fanatics or a lone gunman, it all  ends the same way, devastating grief.
So  of course I was having my usual down in the dumps soul searching why me reflections,  when the twin reminded me of the good things that have happened.

1.  Son no 1 came home for my birthday and he got engaged
2.  Son no 2 is working ......... well its good that he is working right?
3.  I turned 50 and didn't die or turn into a pumpkin and life isn't over ....yet
4.  I am still employed and earning money!
5.  I still have good friends I like to hang out with and they still want to hang out with me!
6.  I have recognised and accepted that  I like to plan and control things...... yes this is a good thing, its easier to accept than fight it!
7.  I actually let my heart love someone....ok so it didn't end well but hey at least I know I am capable of loving, even if this could be one of the bad things that happened like, I got my heart broken by A not once but TWICE, but lets keep it positive here!
8.  I have my family around me and they love me too
9.  and the world didn't end

So it hasn't been that bad a year, I wish it had been better with A and all that but one cant have everything.....right?

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