Wednesday, 26 December 2012

the (un)social experiment

Facebook has always held a special place in my heart, that special place that I shut out and hope it goes away. Secretly wanting it but secretly feeling ill just at the mention of its name,  it lurks in the background with its tiresome and useless information that you secretly feed on,  Daily banal updates of peoples lives that I really don't need to know about.

So I got used to logging on every morning before I even took a sip of coffee, to check out what people were doing.  It got to be a habit, a habit I wanted to break.  So I thought lets see if anyone misses me on facebook.  Yes I  was narcissistic enough to believe that people would actually notice I wasn't around. I deactivated my account on December 6th.

I wanted to see if anyone would actually realise they couldn't see me on their list of friends.  Would they assume I 'unfriended' them, would they ask me about it.
How social is this thing anyway?  Or is it just a site for our narcissistic tendencies to take flight.

I probably will go back to Facebook and activate my account, just to keep in touch with really good friends. Time to cull the list of acquaintances, time to keep the people I like on my list.  Who knows they may not even want to be friends with me either!

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