Tuesday, 11 December 2012

the planner

I plan things.  My day, my work, my cooking, my movies, everything.
I plan my working week with what to do at work and after work, It could be a movie tonight, to a stop at the supermarket before I head home, to what I am cooking for dinner.
I plan my weekends as well.
I write down what I want to do on Saturday and on Sunday.  Most of the time the plans go askew and it doesn't bother me that I didn't achieve what I set out to do, but I have to plan.  I have to have something planned.
empty days
We have 10 days off at the end of the year, the office is closing from the 21st till the 1st of January.  I have 10 days with no focus,  and I am panicking.  I printed out a weekly calendar and have stuck it on the fridge, with little  boxes to fill in all the activities I want to do.  So far I have

1.  22nd Saturday -
-   take cat to vet for follow up visit (cat recently got diagnosed as having hyperthyroidism, that is a whole post on its own)
- hairdressers - get hair coloured
- supermarket
2.  23rd Sunday -
-Movie perhaps
- clear up files (I am decluttering)\
3.  24th - Christmas eve
-  go to the 'Club' from 12 noon for the Christmas Eve drinks - this isn't a planned party, its just where we go for good company and a fun time on Christmas eve (aka lots of booze and flirting)
4.  25th - Christmas
 -  recover from hangover
-  clear files
5.  26th Wednesday
 -  no plan
6.  27th  Thursday
 -  No plan
7.  28th Friday
 - No plan

and the no plans continue till the 1st of January.

I  have alot to declutter at home but I don't want to spend all the time off I have,  decluttering.
But I cant decide what to do with all that time I have as well.  I know I will not achieve everything I have on the list, but I need that focus, if not I will procrastinate and nothing will get done.  What  I would like to do, is nothing,  just sit in my pyjamas all day watching old movies and eating chocolates, but the errands and list of must do things have caught up with me and I feel like a wanted criminal being hunted by some sheriff in a bad western.  Desperate!  sigh....... no rest for the wicked......
So I continue to plan and hopefully will be able to realistically fill in my days to cover 10 days of fruitful and responsible activities...

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