Monday, 31 December 2012

the inevitable year resolutions

Why stop now.  I always make resolutions and never keep them, so why be different this year.
Although last December I did say I wasn't going to make resolutions but ended up making some anyway
So this year I am not going to fight the inevitable, and make my resolutions.

Resolution no 1
I am going to speak up more and tell people what I like and what I want.  I tend to shut up and let things flow even if I don't like it

Resolution no 2
I will go out with all the men that ask me.  Errrr perhaps I may not go out with all but the majority of men that ask me.

Resolution no 3
I will travel in 2013.

Resolution no 4
I will be a better manager in the office.  I have been neglecting Corporate Goddess for awhile now.  She needs to step up her game!

As resolutions go these are pretty doable as it is more inner me that needs to be resolved.  Hopefully in a years time I will be able to reflect on 2013 and say, yes I have achieved most of what I wanted!
Happy New Year all!

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