Monday, 10 December 2012

by product of a multicultural society

I like the holiday season.  I like Christmas, I like new year, I love holidays. I fall for the commercialism that is the holidays.  Whoever sold the idea of gifts, Christmas trees, family dinner, decorating the home, was a very clever person and has converted me to the whole idea.
I am not a religious person and certainly am not even a Christian, but I love Christmas.
I always want to get a tree,but son no 2 wont let me,
the tree in the office
"mother we aren't Christians!"
So I don't get a tree but every year, where  I used to work, we would get a real tree delivered and I would decorate it, with the help of any intern in the office. It made my whole year.  Then when I changed jobs I was extremely disappointed when the new office didn't put up a tree.  Last year we did put up a tree, and this year again, I asked if we were putting up the tree, and yes I got to help decorate the tree.

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