Saturday, 29 December 2012

single and desperate?

As planned, we (mum, sis, brother and respective in-laws) headed out to the Club for the usual drinks and fun for Christmas Eve.
big sis, me & mum at the 'club'
 It was pleasant and fun and good to see friends and acquaintances that one hasn't seen for a while.  Until you meet men who mother would have liked you to go out with.
Mum and the family kept introducing me to single men, they were practically  shoving men  in my direction and when my brother in law  pushed a very attractive man to dance with me, I felt like I had  hit a whole new low.
I know they mean well, I know they love me and want the best for me, I know they want me to find someone special, well so do I.  But I need to forget A first, I  need to stop thinking about him and the why why whys!
I also have to shift my thinking into recognising that I am 50 (FUCK I AM 50??!) and realise that I have to look at the older men as potentials.  I have to stop looking at the  younger 40 something's and concentrate on the silver foxes.  Perhaps its the fact that I dont believe that I am older and that's why  I tend to ignore the older men.  Hmm something to think about.......