Wednesday, 12 December 2012

so the cat is old and sick

We have one pet left, Tubby and she is 16 years old. In cat years she is 80 (although one website I tried to check her age, the chart didn't go up to 16 years for a cat)
She is slowing down, she is getting more vocal (she wont stop fucking meowing in the middle of the night) and she is losing too much weight, and she is drooling a bit!
So I took her to the vet last week and the first thing the cute vet (yes I still had time to appreciate a cute male and very young vet) said after listening to all the symptoms was that perhaps Tubby may be heading towards Kidney failure!
My hear sank to the bottom of my toes.
But the vet did some blood tests and the good news is that Tubby has a overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).  well its only marginally good news as an overactive thyroid can mask kidney failure.  So Tubby is on 3 tablets that cant be crushed, daily.  Its a bitch to hold her and administer the tablets.  So far I count 4 scratches and claw 'holes' on my person.  and its only day 3.
evil syringe, loaded
Last night the son wasn't around to help me grab and hold Tubby down while I shoved the rather evil looking syringe down her throat, so I had to improvise.  After wrapping her up in an old towel, rendering her totally incapable of mauling me to death (ok I exaggerate but claws on skin are bloody painful!) I managed quite successfully to give her all the tablets.

As the son is off to Koh Samui for his company's holiday soon, I will be on my own to administer the tablets so thank goodness I figured out a way to hold her down with minimal damage to her and me.
sad and upset Tubby
Now if only she will stop giving me the stink eye after she is released.  I swear she is plotting something!

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