Wednesday, 19 December 2012

men at 60.... would I do that?

So with me starting to accept that I am  50 years old and my demographic of men to date has to go up, I decided to make another list, this time a list of older men I would gladly do....

so here it is

Imran Khan
1.  Imran Khan -  ex Pakistani Cricket Captain, and currently in Politics

dreamboat  Sean
2.  Sean Connery - my absolute dreamboat

3.  Robert De Niro - pant pant

4.  Liam Neeson - oh yes

5.  Sam Elliott - love the laid back look

my fav zeppelin
6.  Jimmy Page - guitarist of Led Zeppelin.  My favourite Zeppelin

7.  Jeff Bridges - one cant not have the Dude on the list

8.  Al Pacino - 'tony' my Battery Operated Buddy is named after one of his characters - scarface-  tony Montana!!  Tony Montana in the movie says " Say hello to my little friend"  I thought it appropriate!

9.  Paul Newman - if he was still around

10  Ian Gillan - Deep Purple lead singer once.  what a fucking voice!

so maybe I should add the other men too the ones at 50 odd

1..George Cloony - Of course!

2.  Antonio Banderas

3.  Prince

4.  Denzel Washington

5.  Wesley Snipes

sigh, I guess I will have extremely nice dreams tonight!

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