Saturday, 15 December 2012

the bar scene

So I was  in a bar last night, waiting for some friends.
You know how they always have this scene in movies where single women sit at these fancy bars and enjoy a drink on their own and there is always a gorgeous man around who wants to buy her a drink, well that never happens to me.
Day time view of fav bar... 
Anyway I sat there by myself, waiting for some friends, I was early and I ordered my own drink and watched the bar fill up slowly.
Older men, younger men, older women, younger women.  All sorts, and it depressed me.  There are alot of younger women out there also looking for someone special to fill their lives.  Here was me, older and single and my pool of single men that I could date suddenly shrank a thousand times.
The Older man, my dating pool of potential men, have the pick.  They can date any woman from 18 till god knows how old.  I watched the women, they were eager for any attention as long as it was from a living and breathing man.  If young women were going out with men  my age, where and how the hell was I going to get a date with any man!!
It sure as hell isnt in a bar.

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