Saturday, 15 December 2012

10 things that make my day........

1.  The bus arrives on time, and I get a seat

2.  Skinny women that wear short shorts and have cellulite all up the back of their thighs!

3.  Gluten free food in restaurants - its like winning the lottery when you realise that they have such things!

4.  There is no laundry, or cleaning to do when I get home from work

5.  A smile and a discreet leer from a gorgeous young man

6.  Being told "when I get to be your age I want to have your figure..... actually I wish I had your figure now!"

7.  Mum calls and doesnt complain about the brother, his wife or anyone else

8.  Winning shopping vouchers at the company Christmas lunch and spending all of it in an hour

9.  Someone holding the lift/elevator doors for me, and someone saying thank you when I hold the lift/elevator doors for them.

10.  Being told that I wear a large then having the salesperson eat her words when she sees its too big!

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