Saturday, 1 December 2012

Men and facial hair

Men seem to be doing alot of grooming recently.
They wax and shave and never let the facial  and chest hair grow.
They want to look like shiny boys.  I don't like it.  I like  men with moustaches, men with chest hair, men that look like men.

The moustache made a bit of a comeback recently.  I think it started in Australia and New Zealand in 2004, to raise awareness for men's prostate cancer.  For one month men grow moustaches in November and they called it Movember.  Get it, Moustache, November, Movember.
This year in Singapore they started an island wide campaign for Movember as well. Our daily rag ran a story  about Movember and one of the guys said that he wasn't getting a kiss from his wife while he had his Mo.  Poor fella.  What happened to, for better or worse?

Mr NZ with his Mo
 I wonder why women don't like facial hair on men.
I like men in moustaches and beards.  I like the scraggly unkempt look, I like the feel of the moustache and yes even playing with chest hair!   I remember as a child, having Dad rub his moustache on our cheeks and we used to love it!  Hmm maybe that's why I like men with Mo's!
Would Tom Selleck be Tom Selleck without that hairy upper lip?  No. Magnum PI would have been so different.
the mouth brow, the lip Rug, the face fungus, what ever you call it, I like to see a man with fuzz on his face!


  1. Oh girl, you lost me on this one:)

    Last year my husband grew a stache for Movember, and we went round and round about it. I don't necessarily refuse to kiss him if he has facial hair, but I certainly don't like it. However, I am not into the overly groomed metrosexual look either.

    Have you seen Mansome?

    1. Nope havent seen it. will look out for it now!

  2. My husband is a hairy fellow. The very last day he ever did a complete shave was our wedding day- July 26, 1986. He's had a beard ever since and I LOVE IT. He's also got the ample chest this point those smooth fellows look like little boys to me, no matter how muscular they might be.