Tuesday, 31 July 2012

the man who peers into my vagina

sounds so much better than just the Gynaecologist.
Well its been a few years since my last visit.  Yes I know, silly of me not to go keep getting checked.  I had a hysterectomy in 2005 so most of my bits were taken out but the ovaries are still there and those too it seems can get tumours on them and  be cancerous.
I am not going to go all medical in this post although I do believe that we need to look after ourselves to be able to look after our children and for me now, my mother.
The thing is before I go see the man who peers into vagina's, I tend to make sure everything is all trimmed and neat and tidy.  I don't know why, but its like if anyone has to look down there, it better be all nice.
At least I have some motivation to trim and keep it neat even it is only for 'man who peers into vaginas'

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