Monday, 6 August 2012

The perfect date

What would the perfect date be.    I am sure we all have different ideas in our heads on what is the perfect date.  I have simple needs so my dates arent elaborate affairs that require copious amounts of money. 
Of course these dates are not first date scenarios, these are dates with someone you know and care about.  Someone who wants to share your life with you

Date & Time - Saturday afternoon about 4pm
Location 1 - A park
Location 2 - interesting area to check out strange/interesting buildings
I have never expected my date to pick me up, so it has to be a meet at the location kind of thing.  Stroll in the park with interesting conversation about the people we see in the park, the history of the place, the general atmosphere.  Taking pictures of interesting things is essential.  It could also go either way - if it rains, it will be perfect to see how he would behave (and I guess he would also see how i would behave, run screaming that my hair and makeup would be ruined.... not bloody likely!)  anyway, after the stroll and chit chat, we find someplace to sit and enjoy a drink  and a snack.  In Singapore our national pastime is eating so food places are aplenty in every area of the city/country.  Translate this scenario to the interesting area to check out strange/interesting buildings  and you have 2 different locations to choose from  for my perfect date. 

2nd option of a perfect date
Date and time - Friday evening after work
location- a place with food & music.

This would involve alcohol.  I want to know what a person is like under the influence.  I want to see that side of his personality.  It can be a deal breaker so once you get comfortable with a person, go drinking. (of course I may already have had that disaster date with too much alcohol and then this guy wouldn't be that date would he?) I figure if I haven't seen him get drunk,  this would be the time to do it,  it would either end up hilarious or a fucking disaster!  Anyway....
The date would be at a nice place to have a drink and just chat about your week.  Food would be bites and music if possible, would  be a live.  If no live music,  then a nice place that plays old music.  Sleepover preferred and breakfast the next day too.

Simple scenarios for what I deem a perfect date...
Now to go find the man................

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