Saturday, 11 August 2012

conversations and inane happenings

To son no 2  - " Dont bleed all over my floor!"  he had cut himself shaving....

sign I put up in each toilet cubicle in the ladies toilets at the office because I was sick of women behaving badly.

To a friend who just broke up with her boyfriend " Dont call him, dont email him, dont text him"  and this from me, the one who does it all wrong!

Son no 2,   after his trip to Bangkok with some friends, " I didnt find the midget sex shows'
Me :  ' Oh poor baby

Me:  I am going on detox starting Monday
Son No 2:  Huh?  Why?  How will this affect me?
Bless him, only thinking of his stomach and if I will be cooking for him.....shithead.

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