Saturday, 11 August 2012

the Olympics are on?

I havent watched anything.
Its just on too late here, all the good stuff happens way past 2am Singapore time and I just cannot stay up.  I sleep early, by 10pm (10.30pm latest) on a weekday and am up by 6.30am.

I need my sleep if not I am cranky, miserable and generally bite anyone's head off if they even dared to speak to me.  So the Olympics are like on another planet for me.
I dont watch the highlights as I know the outcome so why bother to see who wins the race!
I of course admire the dedication that all the athletes put into their chosen sport and I do see that there is a lot of technical know how etc etc.  But I still cannot find the motivation to lose sleep and watch them compete.
I was never (and am still not) a very sporty person.  I think its because I hate losing,  and in sport I KNOW I will lose as I do not have the physical traits to compete.  So I just dont bother.
Perhaps that is why I dont bother watching or get all excited about the Olympics, and I think its a lot of money wasted for the opening ceremonies but thats another story altogether!

So I wait patiently on the sidelines for Olympic fever to be over.

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