Tuesday, 14 August 2012

friends and facebook

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook.  I like keeping in touch with relatives and friends but I hate the constant updates that people post daily. I like being the voyeur, peering into peoples lives, and yes that does frighten me to think I can be the creepy person peering secretly into someones life.  But then to make myself feel better, I equate it to a daily dose of gossip.

Why would someone like me, who isn't a very social person actually get on facebook in the first place.
I created an account at the behest of my sister, who lives in London, with the sole intention  to keep in touch with friends and relatives who lived far away.  It then just got out of hand.
People kept sending me friend requests and I kept accepting them.  Even if I didn't think they were close friends.  I was told its a social network so I had to be social.  I don't like being social, I don't like making inane conversation just because I have to.
My parents were very social (Mum still is) and they used to entertain alot when we were younger.  I used to hide in my room when they had parties.  Mum and Dads friends, now when I meet them say they couldn't remember me,  and I am sure they were just being polite as I think they just never knew I existed.  Which was fine by me.
So,  here I am with an active social network account that I sometimes hate and want to delete.  Then I remember all the good friends I have on facebook and  family that live too far away and I don't see as often as I would like, and I know I cant delete my account.
I know I will continue with this dilemma and perhaps I should just delete all those people that arent real friends.  Hmm I think its time.....

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  1. Yep, facebook can be a drag. I use it for my blog, but not for personal use. I find it creates too many problems!