Thursday, 16 August 2012

making babies in singapore

Singaporeans are a sad lot.  We need campaigns to make us wash our hands, not to litter, and  be courteous to each other.  We also have things like Kindness week!
Recently our Ministers have been preaching about our low birth rate.  Some bright spark at mentos decided to make a music video celebrating our National day with a song about national duty.
Its funny, its tongue in cheek and it got everyone talking.
it also got mentioned in one of the blogs I follow -

Its all about Singaporeans having sex, or the lack of it, and procreating.  We are a multi cultural society, so we have Indians, Malays, Chinese and one other classification for 'Others', and it seems that the Malays top the procreating stats, then the Indians and lastly the Chinese.  A letter was published in our papers yesterday from a Chinese man asking what did Malay husbands know that Chinese husbands didn't?  He wants to know how the Malay men get their women to have babies.  I feel sorry for that poor man, god knows what he has to deal with at home.
Mr NZ has a friend who dated a Chinese girl and she wouldn't have sex that often with the man.  When he did ask her for sex she retorted "If you want to have sex more often, you should have dated a Malay girl!!"
I am not going to justify any stereotypes here, but....

I think we need a campaign to have more sex.
any ideas??

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