Tuesday, 14 August 2012

diary of a detox - day 11

day 1 -
 I want my fucking coffee!!  caffeine withdrawals hurt my head.  Its only been 3 hours since detox started today and I want my coffee!! Brain function slow, like in dreamland and not fully awake.  Fuck this is going to be hard!
What on earth made me think that Monday was a good day to start detox! What the fuck was I thinking to even start this!
I eventually had to take 2 paracetamols to kill the throbbing headache

Day 2 -
up earlier than usual today, (still want my coffee) had to cook up enough food to last the whole day in the office.  and to make sure I had some food for dinner.  Pilates today after work, so wont get home early and will be tired.  thought that popped into my head as I was cooking stir fry beef, whats going to happen after the three weeks?  hmm perhaps should have thought about that before I started this!

Day 3- yes this post is going to be 21 days long, well maybe not,  as I could give this whole mad idea the boot.  not feeling too bad today, head still aches a little.  Who would have thought that just one cup of (very good) coffee a day would haunt me on my detox!  I still want my coffee!

Day 4 -
controlling my food isn't the problem, the problem is that I have to cook food for all meals.  that means me going home after work to cook for the next days lunch.  I am tired out from work and then doing laundry at night then cooking enough veg and brown rice to make me want to eat a good lunch. then washing up all the mess and cleaning up.  its fucking exhausting!  but coffee cravings getting less.

Day 5,6 & 7
I am still on detox, haven't been a naughty girl and gone off it.  Its been interesting looking for alternatives to gluten.  Millet, favourite food of cows, pigs and generally most livestock seems to be a healthy option to wheat.  Its actually quite good!  Coffee cravings no longer there but I do still WANT a cup of coffee.   Like Alcohol, there have been weeks where I haven't touched a drop and it didn't bother me, but this time I think its because I know I am not supposed to have any, that makes me want it even more  We always want what we cant have right!!

Day 11
Half way through -
I think I can do this.  But I miss coffee. As long as I remember why I am doing this I think its fine.  Its only eating out that will pose a problem.  I am off to Perth tomorrow  and have actually requested for special meal on the plane.  I always wanted to be one of those with dietary restrictions so I get my food first on the plane.  wonder what the food will be like, no dairy or no gluten.  Hope I dont fall off the 'wagon' in Perth!

End of detox
I kind of made it right through the detox.  I did cheat a little when I was on holiday but I got back on it pretty quickly.  Its ended now but I am still gluten free (99% of the time) and dairy free.  Coffee, my wonderful aromatic best friend brew is back though!! I doubt I could ever give it up.  I do feel alot better with the detox and going gluten and dairy free.  No more bloating, no more looking like I may be 6 months pregnant and even the farting (lets call it like it is now) is almost minimal...
so yes the detox was hard but it was bloody worth it!!

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