Saturday, 11 August 2012


So its finally going to happen
I decided to seek help for the flatulence, the bloating and the misery that contributes to menopause.
I went to see a naturopath.  Its like its better not knowing all the shit that is going on inside of you, when you realize what you have to do to feel better.
I have been told I need to do a detox diet for three weeks!
last bit of wine b4 detox

no gluten (read no bread, cakes, pastry, pasta, oats) no tomatoes, no avocados, no pork, sausages, no fruit, no diary and the worst of all no alcohol! Oh and no Coffee either!!!
I will have to cook my own breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, as I have to avoid preservatives, soy sauce which is found in abundance in all hawker food island wide.
Its going to be hard but I am determined to do this.  Come Monday I will be on Detox!

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