Friday, 13 July 2012

sarong party girl

This is what they call local Singaporean women who only go out with white men.  Its derogatory its wrong and its a phrase we all use anyway!
its supposed to be a local woman who puts on a very fake 'ang mo' accent, who has long straight hair, a tanned lithe body and a pretty face was not always one of the factors!  These women would wear skin tight clothes or skirts that looked like sarongs which display their tight little bottoms to perfection. 
Yes I am being bitchy here but its because I have been called a sarong Party Girl, because of my preference for Caucasian men. 
But the thing is I never went out with any Caucasian man until 2006.  And that was only because most of the local men and Indian men I dated were boring, chauvinists and just plain uninteresting.  They didn't think that my opinions mattered, they didn't treat me with respect, they didn't treat me as an equal.  They didn't have a warped sense of humour like I did either.  I am not saying that all local men or all Indian men were bad, just most of the ones I dated!  It also just turned out that I gave my heart to a Caucasian man and that Mr NZ, another wonderful man who captured my heart, also just happened to be Caucasian.  I never intentionally go out of my way to seek Caucasian men only to date.  Man Friend 1 isn't Caucasian, he is of south Asian origin and the only reason I never got romantically involved with him is because he lives too far away!  

So am I a sarong party girl......No.  I am just a woman who doesn't think the colour of my skin or the colour of the skin of any man I go out with, matters!

** ang mo - is a chinese derogatory term for Caucasian people.  it means red haired.  why would they call all caucasians re haired, i dont know, possibly the first caucasian they ever saw had red hair??**

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