Monday, 2 July 2012

a little part of chinatown

So I went to this little tapas bar called Esquina on a sort of date.
This was a dinner date with Man friend 1 (for those that have not followed my posts, Man friend 1 is a friend who happens to be a man and we just have dinner together when he flies into Singapore either for a conference or in transit.  He did ask me a few months back where this was going and I did tell him, just friends)  anyway
He wanted to take me someplace nice for my birthday (which is only in September but he wasnt sure if he would be coming this way again so...)  and as he always lets me choose the restaurant, I chose this tapas bar.
I love this area of Singapore, I used to work one street down way back in 2002, and it has its own colourful history.  When I worked in the area,  my colleagues and I never used to carry umbrellas even if it was raining,  as women carrying umbrellas in this area were "working girls".  The small narrow nondescript doorways with red letter boxes were the place where old men would lurk about waiting their turn.
Man Friend 1 was late that day so I hung about waiting for him outside,  as the bar was full and there werent any seats available.

I havent had a chance to go back to the tapas bar, but soon, I will.   I love the area, and I love old buildings with spiral staircases, the food is to die for and the music, what can I say, they play old style blues and that night they also played Jimi Hendrix.

This place has everything going for it, with the ambience and atmosphere of the area, and of course the added bonus of the great food!

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