Tuesday, 3 July 2012

sensible shoes

Like every woman I love shoes.  I like looking at shoes, I like trying on shoes, I like buying shoes.  But I dont buy really high heels.  I cant walk in really high heels and at my age you realise that high heels actually give you a back ache.  I much prefer flats, or sneakers or sandals or boots,  all with sensible heels and cushioning inside to give you maximum comfort.  A proper cushion in your shoe will help your feet and back.  Good God how bloody boring!  But its a reality.  As you get older one tends to sway towards sensible shoes looking for comfort rather than style.
One of my favourite comedians Robin Williams likes to label women in sensible shoes, as lesbians.  I really dont care what Robin Williams thinks but my back, feet and ankles thank me for my sensible shoes!
Recently I found a brand of shoes that made stylish, low heeled and comfortable shoes!  I have an electric pink pair and an orange pair.   I love those shoes!  I have a brown pair of sensible daily wear shoes that have developed a hole on top where my toe is but I am still clinging to them for dear life.  they are comfort personified!
I also love boots but in this humid and hot weather I dont wear them that often.  Its an attitude, wearing boots.  I swagger when I wear them and feel pretty confident that I can handle just about anything.  I think that each pair of shoes gives you a different attitude and persona.  In my pink shoes I feel flirty and cute.  In my black sensible heels ( all of two inches) I feel corporate and usually wear those when I have to feel sensible and mature. I also have the dainty slip on high heels and I feel ladylike and sweet in those.
Each outfit is completed with the right pair of shoes. I know that some men do own more than one pair of shoes and they are not gay men either, so its not just a woman's thing to own alot of shoes.  My son as well has quite a few pairs of shoes and yes each one is suited to a different occasion.  I used to have one pair of shoes, yes thats right, just one pair.  I couldnt afford more than one pair for work and one pair of sandals for the weekend.  Now I have a collection of shoes.  Some I have only worn once or twice and some that I wear often.
My love for shoes wont diminish I am sure as young or old, we can make a statement with our shoes.

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