Monday, 30 July 2012

beauty pagents

After the Canadians allowed a man who became a woman to compete in the Miss Universe/Canada pageant, I guess this was inevitable.  From next year, women who are not natural born females can compete in the Miss Singapore/Universe competition.

This to me is something to think about as on one hand everyone should have the right to participate in a pageant as a woman,  but then its not real.  That 'new' female has had plastic surgery to enhance the face and figure.  Then of course one can state that the Venezuelans have been doing that for years.
Where do you draw the line?  Should a woman be allowed to enhance what is natural to compete in a pageant to find the most beautiful woman in the universe or world?  Doesn't that make the whole thing fake?
Does one really care about beauty pageants?
 I used to love watching the pageants as a young girl, seeing all the beautiful women parade in glittering costumes and dresses and showing off their figures in their swimsuits.  As I got older I realised that they all began to look alike.  they were all too perfect.  I was lucky in that I saw the 'imperfections' of the perfect beauties that paraded  the runways of these pageants.  I didnt believe that to be beautiful I had to look like someone elses idea of perfection.  Now with plastic surgery allowed in the form of non natural born females, would they openly allow total enhancement for the natural born women too?

Where will it stop?

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