Thursday, 26 July 2012

if i was a man

I have wondered if I would be happier as a man.  I have thought about this and have even talked about it in an earlier post about sensuality (where I said I loved being a woman!).  Today I had a conversation with a friend and we concluded that women are crazy lunatics.

Do men ever have imaginary conversations in their heads with other people I wonder?  Do men ever start thinking ahead to every possible scenario that could happen?  Do men ever have a fight in that imaginary conversation and actually get pissed off with the person, all in a stupid imaginary conversation?  Well women do..... I cant speak for all women but I know at least one other woman who does.

No bad hair days, No wardrobe malfunction days.  No mutton dressed as lamb days.  No more being  branded a cougar if you smile at younger men days.  No ducking into the loo if you need to adjust knickers or bra strap days.
Who cares what a man wears.  A man is congratulated when he can woo and bed a much younger woman.    A man can adjust/scratch his balls in public.  A man can wear the same pair of shoes and the same pair of pants for a week and no one notices.  A man doesn't have to shave his legs or armpits if he doesn't want to and no one cares! Oh the freedom in being a man!

Men are less complicated than women as well.  They don't fret over small things and they forgive friends easily.  Women are bitchy, always bearing grudges and finding fault in inconsequential things our friends do. We make a big deal out of nothing and that includes relationships.
We moan and groan about why he treats us that way when we let men do that to us.  If there was no drama, we would not be happy!

So I wonder what it would be like to be a man, perhaps for just one day, a day where my brain would not have a million conversations with itself, a day where my brain wont fret if he doesn't text, a day when my brain wont wonder if he was thinking of me.  A day of peace and quiet.

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