Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the dirty word

Once a week  a Pilates instructor comes in and conducts a class for a handful of girls in the office.  Yesterday one of those "girls" was me.
looks more like attack of the zombies but....
It was bloody tough, bending, stretching, pulling, reaching and bending over.  After one hour I was tired, aching slightly but surprisingly refreshed!  The instructor was patient, she helped and pushed me into position several times and did remark that my pelvis was very tight. 
What the fuck did that mean I wonder!
I enjoyed that class, in spite of being told that I had a reluctantly accommodating pelvis and will be continuing this new found interest.  Yes yes I know in the past I have been known to say that exercise is a dirty word, and all the exercise I will ever do is housework and sex.   but.....
I am looking forward to the class next week ....after all,  I will be rewarded with a loose pelvis!

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