Thursday, 5 July 2012

dancing queen

My music tastes veer towards the rock and blues genres and I count Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Deep Purple and the likes as some of my favourite bands and music.  However I harbour a deep dark secret............
I love disco!  I love to dance.  I love the cheesy dance songs from Donna Summer, A taste of Honey, Earth Wind and Fire, Erasure and alot of the silly songs of the 80's.
From as young as I can remember my sisters and I(and sometimes our cousins) used to convert our study room at home, it was actually the TV room come music room come library, into our very own disco.  We danced to the Jackson 5, the Osmonds, yes we had lame taste in music,  and what ever else we could find.

I moved to dancing in the discos at 16, when my ex husband took me out dancing to the one decent adult disco, the Lost Horizon at the Shangri-la hotel here.  I was underage, I was drinking (not much)  but no one checked at that time!  It was fabulous!
As Indians we find any excuse to dance, any occasion and we drag out the music and dance ourselves silly, and yes that includes alot of bollywood stuff.  At every wedding dinner you can expect dancing after dinner is over.  I was appalled at my first chinese wedding dinner that I attended, when everyone left straight after dinner was over.  I was horrified that it ended like that.  Where was the celebration!!
My mums youngest brother who is about 8 years older than me, happens to be my best bump partner.  At all family weddings that we attend together ( he lives in Melbourne) we ultimately do sessions of the bump, for those of you that don't understand what the bump is - its a dance that one does by bumping your hips, bottoms, knees with your dance partner and strange while it may sound is damn good fun! And yes I was in my fine Indian saree while I did this!  The last cousins wedding dinner we had in Singapore a few years ago, saw this very same Uncle start the men off on stage doing a striptease.  Of course they didn't follow through to the end!
I still love to dance, I have my selection of music at home where when I do the mopping and sweeping (before I got the part time maid) I would have the music blasting and end up dancing with the mop or broom!  The last time the office girls and me went dancing was quite a few months ago and it was a blast!  My knees did protest the next day but I loved being back on the dance floor with sweaty bodies, flashing lights and loud thumping music!
Its been a while though that I danced with abandon at home or anywhere, I havent felt happy or wanted to just let myself be free enough to let the music take me to that special place.

Its time though to be happy again and dance till my knees shout,  enough!!

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