Saturday, 31 March 2012

saturday mornings

I don't get to relax and sleep in on a Saturday, even though I am one of the lucky few that works a five day week.  The weekend isn't about relaxing and recharging, its frantic rushing around on errands on Saturday and cleaning and laundry on Sunday.
This morning was no different, I was up early even though I heard the rain through the windows and thought that this would have been a perfect day for a lie in.  But no, I was out of the house by 8am doing my usual month end visit to pay the mortgage ( I will not go into the whole, why cant I do it online thing) and off to the supermarket.  The good thing was that the supermarket at such an early hour was empty, well almost and there were no queue's at the checkouts.  But there were still people about.
I could wait for the son to go to the supermarket with me, as carrying 5 heavy bags back is no mean feat and as I don't own a car and  live so close to the mall, I  rely on the buses to carry me back home.  The son is a night person and I am the exact opposite.  I love the mornings and prefer to finish my errands early.  So instead of waiting for him, I just get on with it, heavy grocery bags and all.  Which brings me to my other rant for the day.....people.
They see me coming, I am sure of it, this crazy looking  lady with 5 to 6 heavy supermarket bags, but do they get out of the way, or give me some space..... No.  Do they let me board the bus first..... No.  Do they let me find a spot to put the bags down for a minute.....No.  Do they let me alight first..... No.  Does the bloody bus driver drive in to the bus bay near the shelter to allow me to get off with 5 to 6 bags without getting wet in the heavy rain....... well he had to as I refused to get off and told him to  drive closer to the shelter!!!
then just as I was ready to declare that I hate all people,  a young lady who holds the lift doors for me to let me off as she sees me with so many bags....and faith is restored for just a little while........
So its 10am on Saturday and my day is just beginning as I wait eagerly for the handyman to finish the job on my leaky taps, and dream up what delights I will be cooking.  Just another Saturday morning ..............

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