Tuesday, 6 March 2012

older men vs younger men

I am no spring chicken but I always wondered how old would I go if I had to.  Its alright for men to date younger women, its actually expected and they get the 'respect' from their peers if they do go out and date young women.
 I was recently hit on by a much older man (this usually happens at the 'club') and it made me wonder,  if I had to, would I go out with a man so much older .... say 15 years older.  Would we have anything in common, would we have common interests?  Would he get annoyed with the music I listen to or the movies I watch?  My ex was/is older than me by 7 years, and I wonder if i stick to men my own age or younger solely because I had a bad experience with an older mate.  Do older men tend to be more controlling?  I did date older men a few years back and I found them boring,  sedate and lacking in spontaneity.
 With the younger ones I always wondered why they were out with me, an older woman.  I always thought that all men had one thing on their mind....sex, and that if I was getting older, sex would be less frequent and then what would the men want me for?  Is it all only about sex..... Would it be any easier if that is all it was about........
My non boyfriend (I still have to 'label' him as he isn't just a friend, or just someone I have sex with, or just a lover, or a boyfriend/partner) is a few years younger than me, not a significant number of years but I still wonder sometimes why he isn't out with a younger woman.  I am not uncomfortable about the age gap,  I don't feel older than him, I don't look older than him, I don't act like I am older than him, so why do I keep wondering what it is he likes about me.  Must be my scintillating personality!
He recently sent me an article  extolling the virtues of women over 40.  - go see the link - http://www.suddenlysenior.com/praiseolderwomen.html, (he sent me an abridged version of the article) which made me think that perhaps I need to stop wondering and just enjoy it.  Just enjoy the attention of a younger man .....

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