Thursday, 22 March 2012

burn the bra

I detest wearing bras.  If I could I would be swinging free everyday!  No tight restricted, digging into your flesh bras.  Or worse still extremely padded and hot bras.
Its hard for me to get a good bra that doesn't cost the earth,  be sexy and fit well (i refuse to wear old women type bras).
I  am no Pam Anderson. neither am I a flat runway,  I have a decent enough rack that doesn't require further enhancements. Underwire bras have the extra support but they dig into your sides and leave unsightly scars, the ones with better support look like  something my granny in her 90's would want to wear.  and the pretty   Victoria's Secret ones are sexy with little support and always padded to the max.  Getting fitted for the right bra is the way to go, well that's what the manufacturers say anyway.  But each manufacturer has their own type of sizing and shape so if you buy one size from one brand i can bet you that a different brand will have a totally different size that fits you!
So when I find a type that fits and looks nice I usually buy a few at one go.  Then the problem of washing them is another  factor..... you cant throw them into the washing machine you have to hand wash the ones with underwires as they get all funny if you do.
but lazy me does throw them into the washing machine and then have to contend with pulling the damn bras back into shape, and even bending and unbending the wires!
I have my moments with feminism and although i do like wearing lingerie for the man, the bra is fast becoming a torture device. I am fortunate that my 'ladies' haven't felt the ravages of age and gravity (yet) so I can happily wander around the house braless. Would i still I wonder even when nature takes it course? 
All i know is one day very soon I may hold a party with the sole intention of burning the damn bra!

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